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Ideas and inspiration for when things fall apart.

Wiki launch, “Urban migration in fragile states”

For decades, forced displacement has been a key performance indicator for humanitarian agencies. The numbers drive fundraising, fuel political battles, and underpin strategy. And yet — fragile states are not defined solely by violence. They are subject to the same trends of internal migration, and

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Open source thinking for fragile states

Software companies do it. So do mathematicians, astronomers and physicists. Even social services bureaucrats are now embracing ‘policy hackathons’ in a range of countries around the world. All this springs from the recognition that open-source evolves much more rapidly, taps a much wider range of expertise,

8th November, 2016|Categories: Events|Tags: |

Seedlings in stony soil: On program experiments in high-risk situations

Little by little, it’s becoming more acceptable in the peacebuilding world to admit that we don’t have the answers. People now talk regularly about “demand-driven” and “people-centred” approaches. Successive high-level reviews have insisted that success flows from good fit to context, rather than abstract technical excellence. Yet the problem remains:

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