An oral history of aid & intervention in fragile states 2018-06-13T10:39:46+00:00

rethink fragility:

An oral history of conflicts, crises, and the aid business.

This is a podcast series about what makes a difference in places affected by serious violence and human rights violations.

Each episode is an informal, extended interview with a practitioner doing interesting, innovative stuff, out in the real world. We talk career trajectories, successes and failures, and lessons learned along the way.

The goal is simple: to capture how things really are. Guests include aid workers, researchers & activists, educators, peacekeepers, and more to come.

The host is Ian D. Quick, a consultant and writer who has worked on stabilisation & post-conflict recovery for the last fifteen years, across Central Africa and South Asia.

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004: Farai Maguwu

“I’m still the very same person as when I started, very radical and very strongly opinionated about human rights. It’s only that now I’m more informed.”

003: Dan Fahey

“I needed to understand the supply chain. So I went down a mine, traded for a bit of gold, put it in my sock like smugglers do, and went to find a buyer.”

002: Lewis Mudge

“Anyone who says they’re doing this only for noble reasons, not because it’s interesting, is being disingenuous. Objectively, this work is fascinating.”

001: Tariq Riebl

“If we are really good in this work, we are right 70% of the time. You’re going to make huge mistakes, and tons of small mistakes, all the time.”

000: Prologue

A short introduction to the podcast. I explain why I think it’s needed, the kind of practitioner we’re getting involved, and what the process will look like.