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001: Tariq Riebl

“If we are really good in this work, we are right 70% of the time. You’re going to make huge mistakes, and tons of small mistakes, all the time.”

Tariq is a long-time manager of humanitarian responses, and has led teams on the ground in most of the major disasters of the last decade.

These are the highest-pressure management environments one can imagine, so we had a lot to talk about:
  • In places that are so chaotic, and often so ethically compromised, how do you stay pointed in the right direction?
  • Has the sector been truly professionalised? Or does the ethic of the well-intentioned amateur still survive?
  • Most important — what comes afterwards? This is a sector that often chews people up, so how do you stay intact?

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Rethink Fragility is an oral history of conflicts, crises, and the aid business. It is hosted by Ian D. Quick, an independent consultant and writer.

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Tariq Roland Riebl has led humanitarian response for Oxfam in the Yemeni war, the West African ebola outbreak, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, drought in Ethiopia, unrest in eastern Congo, and after the implosion of South Sudan in 2013.

Prior to this he worked with Médecins sans Frontiers in more crises still, and got his start with the development organisation Afghanaid.

He is now based in London, and works as a consultant while musing bigger next steps. For more please click through to LinkedIn.