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Round table: “How to be a dissident”

April’s round table for the London Conflict / Fragility group focused on dissidence. At some point, everyone’s been stuck working on an intervention that made no sense, or implementing a policy they didn’t agree with.


20th April, 2016|Tags: , |

Round table: “What we learned in 2015”

The London Conflict / Fragility group convened on 17 February for some (very) frank exchange on where we went wrong in 2015, and what we thought we’d do about it in 2016.

This turned out to be a rather introspective session. The recurring theme was the very real potential to walk down the wrong paths in the fragile states business, and to lose years of energy and inspiration in the process. […]

17th February, 2016|Tags: , |

Round table: “Big data”

The London Conflict / Fragility group convened on 13 January for a wide-ranging discussion on the “big data” fad, and what opportunities or risks it presented for organisations working in serious crises.

This was a super-interesting discussion that ended up cautiously positive, after many initial suspicions were aired. […]

13th January, 2016|Tags: , , |

Brown bag presentation at Integrity Research & Consulting

Stopped by the London offices of Integrity this week for a brown bag on Follies in Fragile States. This was a really good, fluid talk with a well-informed audience.

I’ve been iterating this presentation in front of a few dozen audiences over the last four months, and feel like it’s starting to tell a really human and compelling story without pulling any punches on the policy side. […]

28th December, 2015|Tags: , , |

Round table: “Local engagement”

The November round table for the London Conflict / Fragility group focused on the current trend for all things “local” in the fragile states sector.

We heard some really interesting inter-disciplinary perspectives on the topic, of which a few highlights for me personally: […]

12th November, 2015|Tags: , |

Round table: “Micro-success vs. macro-success”

October’s theme is micro-success vs. macro-success.

Engagement in fragile states is often derided as tactics without strategy. All too often programs are designed, implemented and evaluated without much attention to success “writ large” in wider society.

How can we better understand the role of our interventions in relation to very big social and political systems? […]

22nd October, 2015|Tags: , |
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