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Seedlings in stony soil: On program experiments in high-risk situations

Little by little, it’s becoming more acceptable in the peacebuilding world to admit that we don’t have the answers.

People now talk regularly about “demand-driven” and “people-centred” approaches. Successive high-level reviews have insisted that success […]

6th October, 2016|Categories: Long-form|Tags: , |

Be more inclusive now: Steps to bring more stakeholders to the table in fragile states

Political inclusivity is the theme of the moment. We’ve seen it driving populist movements from the Philippines to the United States; underlying the “Brexit” debacle […]

1st September, 2016|Categories: Long-form|Tags: , |

How to get decisions on the tough questions, more often

Oftentimes, it feels like political principals are actively resisting making a decision. Delays fritter away precious opportunities, while compromises lead to strategic plans a mile wide and an inch deep. […]

2nd August, 2016|Categories: Long-form|Tags: , , |

A buyer’s guide to learning-focused evaluation

Evaluation is much too focused on impact, and not enough on process. This is counter-intuitive, and yet is true.

Imagine if Apple’s designers collected usability feedback on iPhones – their ease of use, durability, merits […]

11th July, 2016|Categories: Long-form|Tags: , |
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