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Q&A: Five lessons from the Congo’s instability

Interview with Lamii Moivi Kromah at the International Peace Institute. This followed a seminar-style presentation with UN and diplomatic officials.

I try to sketch out what a practical change agenda could look like for UN peacekeeping, and for “stabilisation” efforts outside of Central Africa. For […]

11th May, 2016|Categories: Podcast / screencast|Tags: , |

Dispatch from Guinea: The struggle to operationalise “peacebuilding”

In 1958, Guinea was the only French colony to opt for immediate independence. Its first President rebuffed Charles de Gaulle to his face, declaring that ‘we prefer poverty in freedom to riches […]

7th May, 2016|Categories: Long-form|Tags: , , |

Why every organisation needs its dissidents, dissenters, and drama queens

A senior UN official caused minor waves in March with a New York Times op-ed entitled “I love the UN, but it is failing”. Among other zingers, he labelled the world […]

10th April, 2016|Categories: Long-form|Tags: , , |

Has the development sector lost its way on agile management?

Only the international development crowd could take all-time great branding like Agile management, and turn it into mouthfuls like “problem-driven iterative adaptation”, or “politically […]

5th February, 2016|Categories: Long-form|Tags: , , |
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