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In-depth thinking on serious crises, and what can really be done about them

Q&A: Five lessons from the Congo’s instability

Interview with Lamii Moivi Kromah at the International Peace Institute. This followed a seminar-style presentation with UN and diplomatic officials.

I try to sketch out what a practical change agenda could look like for UN peacekeeping, and for “stabilisation” efforts outside of Central Africa. For more details and full transcript please

Round table: “How to be a dissident”

April’s round table for the London Conflict / Fragility group focused on dissidence. At some point, everyone’s been stuck working on an intervention that made no sense, or implementing a policy they didn’t agree with.

Round table: “What we learned in 2015”

The London Conflict / Fragility group convened on 17 February for some (very) frank exchange on where we went wrong in 2015, and what we thought we’d do about it in 2016.

This turned out to be a rather introspective session. The recurring theme was the very