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The two big challenges to genuine partnerships between international agencies and local actors

The “local” is increasingly fetishized in peacekeeping and conflict resolution circles. The UN’s recent high-level reviews of peacekeeping and peacebuilding pushed hard for “people-centred” approaches, as against traditional models of leadership by the national government.

In the […]

10th January, 2016|Categories: Long-form|Tags: , , |

If you’re blaming “coordination”, you’re probably missing the real problem

It has become a sacred truth that fragmentation holds back peacebuilding. Integration, coherence, and whole-of-government are good. Silos, turf wars, and tactics-without-strategy are bad.

Yet we have seen a full decade […]

9th November, 2015|Categories: Long-form|Tags: , , |

Is your organisation able to recognise and act on the early warning signs of failure?

In January 1986, the Challenger shuttle exploded 73 seconds into its flight from Cape Canaveral. Afterwards, several engineers declared to commissions of inquiry that they […]

3rd September, 2015|Categories: Long-form|Tags: , , |
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