Round table: “Screw-up night”

No-one has a 100% success rate working in fragile states. In fact quite the opposite — it’s an all-too-familiar feeling when our best efforts get over-taken by events on the ground. The grass gets crushed when the elephants fight, as the old saying has it.

That’s a hard fact to face up to, and we spend much of our professional lives finessing it for financial contributors, colleagues, and ourselves.

This is not too healthy, so let’s change things up a bit. Join us to swap some stories on when it’s all gone wrong, and what we took away … in a no-egos, no-presentations setting.

The concept is adapted / stolen from Fuckup nights, an idea born in Mexico City five years ago. It’s now spread to a hundred-plus cities (including next month in London, so check that out.)

If the tech sector can do it, we can do it. Bring a friend who’s screwed up once or twice, and learned from the experience.


The London round table series is open-access and administered via Meetup. We aim for a relaxed, inter-disciplinary conversation with no need to represent our individual institutions, and no expert / audience dynamics. Current venue is the Glasshouse space, in King’s Cross.

If you’re London-based, or passing through, please do check out the hosting page for upcoming events.